Vz 58 vs ak 47

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Vz 58 vs ak 47

Having used both, the VZ 58 is superior to the AK. It has comparable usually better accuracy, is just as reliable, but has much better ergonomics. While the VZ 58 looks like an AK, it is actually a completely different type of rifle and the only thing they have in common is the cartridge they fire, the 7.

CZ is now importing a semi-auto version of the VZ 58 with a 16" barrel so more people in the U. The original version is select fire with a 15" barrel. I have both. The VZ has a steel milled receiver and is built to tighter tolerances. The AK has a stamped steel receiver and is built to less tight tolerances. Both are great guns. The VZ, in my opinion, is a bit higher quality. The VZ is a short piston action where as the AK has a long piston action, which carries the bolt.

This makes the VZ a little faster gun. Both are very reliable but one thing to consider, the VZ has an open receiver up on ejection. A spent case will never get stuck on the to of the receiver. Which this is small beans, because AKs very seldom get ejection failures this way, but still do. Also, the AK platform uses a hammer where the VZ is striker fired. The VZ stock trigger is really nice, one stage trigger. Most AKs have a two stage trigger with lots of creep with a heavy pull.

You will have to work on the trigger and file down the two stage trigger and polish the sear, or buy a drop in trigger assembly. Something else to consider, here in the states you will be limited to just the 7. Where as you can get AK that shoot the different rounds. There are also other variants like 22lr. The after market for the AK is also more abundant. With that said, after market furniture can be found for the VZ. I have one with FAB furniture and another with original "particle board, bakelite" furniture.

I love both platforms but if I had to pick which is of higher quality, and I was comparing one of my stock Arsenal Aks to one of my VZs it would be tough, but I would have to go with the VZ. Well I would say they are both comparable. I have never shot a VZ58 but i am very familiar with the AK. As far as reliability, I think most would agree that the Ak is champ.

You can scrub this rifle down in the mud and come up firing. Trending News. Steel yourself emotionally for colder weather. Nadal continues mastery at French, ties Grand Slam record.

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A successor to the vz. Inthe Czech army started replacing vz. While vz. There is a light return spring held between the piston shoulder and the seating which returns the piston to its forward position. The entire piston rod is chromium-plated to prevent fouling. The locking system features a locking block hinged from the bolt and housed in the bolt carrier that contains two locking lugs which descend into and engage locking shoulders in the receiver 's internal guide rails.

The weapon is unlocked by the short tappet-like stroke of the piston rod as it strikes the bolt carrier and drives it rearwards. The breech locking piece swings up and this movement provides the leverage required for primary extraction. The breech block is then carried rearwards extracting the empty cartridge casing from the chamber.

A fixed ejector passes through a groove cut in the underside of the bolt and the case is flung upwards clear of the gun. The spring-loaded extractor and firing pin are both housed inside the bolt, while the fixed ejector is slotted inside the receiver. The extractor retains the firing pin and is powered by its own plunger and spring.

vz 58 vs ak 47

The weapon does not have a conventional rotating hammer but a linear hammer instead. The hammer is a steel cylinder hollowed from one end almost throughout its entire length to accommodate its own operating spring. At the open end of the cylinder, a plate is welded and a groove is cut in each side of this to slide on the receiver guide rails.

This linear hammer enters the hollow bolt and drives a free-floating firing pin forward with each shot. When the selector lever is placed in its rear position "1"—single fire the sear is disabled and the left hammer catch is rotated by the disconnector, which is depressed by the bolt carrier after every shot and is therefore disconnected from the hammer catch.

The forward setting of the selector lever "30"—automatic fire disables the disconnector, and the left hammer catch meshes with the sear mechanism. The center "safe" setting with the selector lever pointing vertically downwards, mechanically lowers the trigger bar and the disconnector so there is no connection between the trigger and the semi-automatic sear which holds the hammer. The rifle also has an internal safety, which prevents the weapon from discharging when out of battery.

The right linear hammer catch disables it, and it can only be released by pulling the charging handle back and cocking the weapon. The weapon is fed from a detachable box magazine with a round cartridge capacity and made from a lightweight aluminium alloy.

The magazine release tab is located at the base of the receiver on the left side, behind the magazine well. The bolt carrier has a built-in guide rail used for reloading from round stripper clips from the SKS rifle.

Despite their similarity, vz. An interesting feature on this rifle is the ability to quickly change the type of stock. The latter usually has the buffer tube slightly angled down as to compensate for the very low ironsights on the vz.He saw my spiel about the Vz and was pretty impressed.

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Also their durability? I am interested in acquiring a cheap semi auto rifle and one of the two seems to fit the bill nicely. For those guys whoare more interested in differences between VZ and AK here is a link with thorough comparison of two guns:. Is there any truth to the rumor that the VZ gets unusually hot after a single mag?

I was considering one and then read some blog posts claiming that the VZ58 starts to get hot after about round 20 when slow firing. The posts claimed that the shots were spaced about seconds apart.

Is this true? The VZ does get hot — but I would not say that it is unusable after 2 mags. Whenever I am really pouring the coals on with any firearm, I use gloves. The forend of any rifle will get hot. The wood forend of an AK will catch fire if you shoot it enough. In fact, my friend and I quickly put 2 mags through his AK a while back, and both thought the forend was uncomfortably hot with bare hands.

There is a quad rail aluminum handguard available from FAB Defense that dissipates heat quite quickly. Your email address will not be published. Vz vs AK October 1, October 2, at Dan says:. Hrachya Hayrapetyan says:. October 8, at Todd says:.First, I'd like to wish all the readers of this blog a very happy Quick, identify the firearm in the image below:.

Click on the image to enlarge.

AK 47 – vs.- VZ 58 — FULL AUTO

Public domain image. AKM fire selector lever. Note the length of the fire selector lever and its position relative to the pistol grip. Notice how it is positioned close to the pistol grip and can be easily manipulated. Even though the AK family and the vz. The vz. They still remain in use with Czech and Slovak military forces, and they were exported to some other countries as well Cuba, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Uganda etc.

Posted by The Editor at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me The Editor View my complete profile. Popular Posts. The AK family of assault rifles are pretty widespread around the world, because of their lower cost of manufacturing, lower tooling costs, Revolvers: Pepper-Box Revolver.

The first repeating revolver type weapons and predecessors of modern revolvers are called pepper-box revolvers.

Vz 58 vs AK 47

The name has to do with the Hammer Fired vs.Post a comment about this article below: Post Title:. Welcome back, google-bot! Field Test: vz. Although at first glance the weapons may appear similar, internally they are completely different. No parts, not even the magazines, are interchangeable.

This test was conducted to reveal the strong and weak points of each weapon system. Several experienced shooters were recruited to test both weapons for accuracy and general evaluation. An original dated vz. Despite their age both weapons were in near-new condition. At the front of the receiver, was a machined block of steel that served as the barrel trunnion. The trunnion was secured in place by rivets. The inside of the trunnion block was threaded for attaching the barrel to the receiver assembly.

The upper edges of the sheet metal receiver were bent inward at a degree angle, providing rails for the bolt carrier to ride on. Two additional bolt guide rails were riveted to the inside of the receiver, just forward of the trigger guard. The double-hook trigger, hammer, and disconnector were a design that was very similar to those used on the later milled receiver AK rifles.

The Second Generation Russian AK There have been many conflicting accounts as to why the Russians transitioned from the original stamped Type 1 receiver to the milled Type 2. Typically, the Soviets did not divulge a lot of information, especially regarding a design failure.

Century Arms VZ2008 Sporter Rifle 7.62x39MM Review

Other accounts report that it was difficult to hold manufacturing tolerances due to warping of the receiver after riveting and heat-treating. During the s, the only viable solution to the Type 1 receiver problem was to switch to a receiver manufactured by the older method of machining the component from a steel forging. Using this procedure resulted in slower, more expensive production.

vz 58 vs ak 47

Another way to identify a fixed stock Type 2 AK rifle is by the steel extension positioned at the rear of the receiver to attach the wooden buttstock.Take a VZ to the shooting range and you will likely get a few questions like this.

I believe that people generally mean well, even if they are a little ignorant sometimes. And the AK is pretty iconic, having been produced in numbers that are truly astounding, over the years. I mean, it looks really similar from a distance. It is a VZ58 assault rifle that has been converted to semi-auto for import to the US. So, I tend to think of military rifles like this as being hammer-fired. The VZ is actually striker-fired. It shares no parts with Kalashnikov rifles, including the magazine.

The Slovak Army still uses the VZ There were 2 issues noted in the video. I am still pretty happy with the VZ rifle. Although, the first issue was concerning.

So, this VZ was sent back to Century for that to be corrected. There is more info on the gremlin below. The muzzle brake turned out to be a non-issue. It is designed like that on purpose. What some of the Gear Report firearms reviewers said about shooting the VZ after shooting an AR15 chambered in the same 7.

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The rear sight has a slider reminiscent of an old Mosin Nagant, with stops at meter increments from U up closethen 1 meter to 8 meters. The front sight is a pretty standard post in a semi-circle. The trigger pull is a bit heavy, as you would expect on a combat rifle. However, it is smooth and has a clean break. The shape of the trigger is nice with rounded edges and a nice curve.

What I found during shooting is that it felt pretty good in my hand. The combo of the natural grip of the wood with the rigidity of the polymer gives the Beaver Bark a rather unique feel. I expected that it would be too slick for controlling recoil and muzzle rise.Sincerely, Your nameGoal: Make sure they got the product right, help them with any problem they may have, and ask for a review.

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VZ58 vs. AK47 GUN RUNS

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vz 58 vs ak 47

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